As a Coach, I am Measured by the Client’s Satisfaction

I recently joined an organization called PowerCore, a Georgia-based close contact business networking group. It is a great marketing tool that business people can use to generate referrals for their business. Check it out here.

Each week we receive a Referral Trigger – a question each team member answers at our weekly meetings and/or on the PowerCore website. Our responses help others better understand our business in order to make qualified referrals to us. I thought it might be fun to share this week’s Referral Trigger and my response.


This Week’s Referral Trigger Question:


Follow through is a success habit for pros in every classification from soccer to medicine. Talk about a follow through system you initiated in your business process. Explain how you saw the need, implemented the system, and the benefit it brings to your clients.


Referral Trigger Response:


As a leadership development coach, I am measured by the client’s satisfaction … how happy they are with the work I am doing.

Instead of waiting until the end of a coaching engagement to ask if the client is happy with the results, I implemented a process to solicit feedback along the way … at the end of nearly every meeting.

The benefit it brings to my client is that I can pivot my approach and/or process steps to meet their needs immediately. I do this when delivering training classes too. After one class, a woman came up to me and said, “I’ll take any class you teach. I loved how you took our input into consideration along the way, and you made the class a lot of fun.”

Asking for client feedback along the way is second nature for me now. Not only does it strengthen the outcomes for the client, it makes the interactions more satisfying for both of us.


If you are in Georgia and interested in learning more about PowerCore, visit the Find a Team section under New to PowerCore, and tell them Mary Schneider referred you.


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